Bicycling has many benefits and is a simple solution for many issues facing our state

Health and Quality of Life

  • Bicycling is an enjoyable physical activity that is appropriate for the entire family. Regular physical activity that is integrated into day-to-day life, such as bicycle riding, is one of the best strategies for reducing obesity.
  • Bicycle friendly communities are healthy, pleasant places to live and work.
  • Communities that posses safe, convenient, connected bicycle facilities attract businesses, retain property values better, and have an overall higher quality of life.
  • Encouraging bicycling for transportation will decrease traffic congestion, reduce demand for parking and improve air quality.
  • Bicycling events, retailers, and manufacturers are a growing and important sector of Georgia’s economy.
  • Bicycle projects are far more cost-effective than other transportation projects
  • Encouraging bicycle use is a long term strategy for reducing our state’s healthcare costs, by creating a healthier populace that suffers from fewer chronic diseases.
  • Getting more school-age children to bike to school leads to healthier children who perform better in school.
  • Bicycle lanes create safer streets for everyone, not just people on bikes. 
  • Bicycle commuting leads to big savings that tend to be spent locally, sustaining strong local business districts.

Economic Impact